Satnam Electrical Repair Service Slack Creek

We are a leading slack creek specialist in the repair, supply and installation of electrical components to all types of vehicles. Your car is a complex mix of machinery and computer systems, with integrated processing units, sensors and management systems. This means that a general mechanic is not always the best place to have your car’s electrical problem diagnosed and repaired. When you bring your car to Satnam Auto Electrician, we use the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure that we work out what is happening very quickly and then advise you of the best course of action.


Many car owners don’t know when they need a mechanic or when they need an auto electrical repair shop. There is nothing wrong with this, it just makes it easier to know the difference when something goes wrong with your car or you need some extra work performed.


At Satnam Auto Electrician we offer a full range of auto electrical services, including car batteries, alternators and starter motors for most vehicle makes and models. We understand that you can’t always predict where or when your car’s battery, starter motor, or ignition will fail – and that’s why we offer a full range of onsite auto electrical part replacement, servicing, and repairs, to help get you back on the road sooner.


As a modern technologically satnam mechanical workshop we can:


  • Perform electronic vehicle diagnostics, using multimeters, oscilloscopes and both OBD and dealer specific software scantools, to locate the source of your electrical problem, be it all the way from a check engine light to a failed window motor.
  • Perform diagnostics to locate problems in a whole range of modules such as ABS, SRS airbag systems and electronic steering.
  • Diagnose and replace faulty alternators, starter motors and batteries.
  • Perform testing and repairs on electronic fuel injection and ignition systems.
  • Diagnose and repair fuel system components such as electronic fuel pumps.
  • There are too many items on the car to list, but armed with the knowledge of electrical circuits, we can apply our skills to a whole range of electrical problems on a car.

What Are the Duties of an Auto Electrician?

Auto electricians, simply put, are electricians specialising in the electrical systems and components of all types of vehicles. You might expect an auto electrician to work only on passenger cars, but they can also work on trucks, farming vehicles, and construction vehicles among many others; they just need the appropriate training. Auto electricians may work in vehicle dealerships, third-party service centres, or as an independent service provider.

The scope of an auto electrician’s job is extensive, covering ignition and fuel injection systems, heating and air-conditioning, navigation, lighting, dashboard indicators, braking systems, and engine management, among many others. For construction and mining vehicles, auto electricians also take care of the electronic components behind moving arms, blades, and the like. In short, an auto electrician works with everything in the vehicle that runs using computer-controlled systems and electricity.

With the help of various equipment, auto electricians test and identify service faults and malfunctions in the vehicles. From there, they will perform necessary steps to address these faults and malfunctions. This can include dismantling and removing the affected components and installing the new ones. They also handle the ordering of such components, after advising the vehicle owner or operator of the necessary actions to fix the vehicle. If replacing parts is not necessary, auto electricians are capable of performing repairs. In heavy industries, auto electricians also typically preside over equipment shutdowns, which are necessary for performing upgrades and maintenance on critical equipment.


Satnam Auto Electrical Services offers a full range of automotive electrical diagnosis, repair, and replacement. Services we offer include:


  • Battery Diagnostic and Replacement: Car batteries power a car’s systems, such as the computer and stereo, while the car is not running. If your car battery is old or worn out it will not perform like it should and will need replacing.


  • Battery Terminal Cleaning and Replacement: Satnam Auto has the necessary tools and solvents to make sure the terminal stays clean, and the equipment to replace it if necessary.


  • Light Bulb Inspections and Replacement: Utah state law requires a vehicle’s headlights and taillights to be properly aimed and illuminating. We can inspect and replace your bulbs to make sure that your vehicle can stay on the road safely.


  • Plug and Wiring Inspection and Replacement: The wires in your car carry electricity between all the vital systems. If your car appears to be having an electrical issue, our team can assess the vehicle and make the needed repairs.

We Offer Premier & Superior Auto Mechanic Services

From general auto repairs to mechanical repair services and engine repairs, our auto repair shop has all of your repair needs fully covered. Our experienced and skilled technicians can assist you with all of your auto repair and auto service needs.