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Regular oil change service is an important part of your car’s health. At Satnam Auto, our Extra-Mile Oil Change service provides the fast, friendly and efficient service that drivers across Brisbane need to keep their engines—and their schedules—running smoothly.


Make Satnam Auto your first choice for oil changes. You’ll get quality work and fast service, all at an affordable price. At Satnam we use only high-quality oils for use in passenger cars and light trucks, and our full-service oil change includes the proper weight and volume of oil required by your vehicle’s manufacturer, a new oil filter, and a 33-point courtesy inspection.


In order to operate effectively, fluids need to be kept full and free from particles. Each of your fluids should be checked and changed at routine periods to keep them from burning, depleting, or from gathering debris.

Our Full-Service Oil Changes:

We’ll recommend the best oil for your car – we guarantee it! We’ll help educate you on the best motor oil brands available, and even help provide you with opportunities to save money on future services.


During Your Oil Change, An Expert Technician Will:


  • Change your vehicle’s oil to the best brand of full synthetic, high mileage, or whatever your vehicle’s motor, climate and driving style require
  • Replace and recycle your car’s used oil and filter
  • Perform a comprehensive, 33-point inspection of your entire vehicle



Why do I need regular oil change service?
Oil is the lifeblood of your car. Oil lubricates, cools and cleans the moving parts of your vehicle. It helps seal pistons in the cylinders. Without oil, your car would not work.Regular oil changes at Satnam Auto’s will keep your mind on more important things—like where to drive next. Schedule an appointment now.


How often should I get oil change service?
The old oil change rule of thumb was for service every three months or 3,000 miles. Today, car engines can generally go longer between each oil change service. Satnam Auto mechanics recommend that our customers change their oil as often as their vehicle manufacturer instructs.


What kind of oil do I need for my car?

We offer synthetic blend and synthetic oil at Satnam Auto.

The benefits of synthetic oil include:


  • Slower breakdown. Synthetic oil lasts longer than regular oil.
  • Heat resistance. Synthetic oil withstands higher engine temperatures.
  • Cold weather protection. When temperatures fall, synthetic oil does not turn to sludge.

Synthetic oil is distilled, refined and purified during a rigorous production process, enabling its individual molecules to be more consistent. This allows the synthetic oil to better meet the needs of high-performance engines, particularly in very hot or very cold weather conditions. Our mechanics also note that synthetic oil protects against engine deposits and reduces engine wear.

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