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Before we go into the details of this service, let’s back up a bit…So you’ve decided to become an Uber driver – awesome!


Uber is the most recognized taxi alternative in the world. Every major (and a lot of minor) city in the world will have Uber rides available, particularly those that are known for tourism and also crowded cities where many people prefer not to own a car. Be it Brisbane, Sydney, no matter where you are, Uber will be there to get you where you want to go.


In order to drive for Uber, most states require that you pass a vehicle inspection, typically a 19-point inspection. Vehicle inspections must be renewed every year or every 50,000, whichever comes first. They are necessary for making sure the vehicle is safe for everyone who gets in it for a ride.


Why choose vehicle inspections from Satnam Mechanical?


The Inspection with Satnam Mechanic makes your life easier. We take the confusion and hassle out of the whole process. No need for a mechanic who will try to talk you into unnecessary repairs, or appointments at business hours that are tough to make from your busy job. You want to start padding your pockets with Uber’s money as soon a possible, so getting your vehicle approved quickly is a top priority.


The inspection protects them (and you) from all kinds of potential issues, and allows riders to hire independent contractors like you. They’ve developed a 19-point vehicle inspection designed to assure them that no issues will be found with the vehicle in question, and that your customers will enjoy their experience and use the service again.


19-Point checklist that a mechanic will consider:


As long as your vehicle is in good running order, you can expect it to pass the inspection, right? Well, there are a few things that might throw your expectations off quite a bit! Most of the items checked are basic, such as working headlights and tail lights, horn, and such.

However, there are a couple of things that you’ll want to be prepared for prior to your appointment. The single most common reason drivers fail inspections is the tread depth. Plenty of people don’t replace their tires as often as they should, so taking care of that before taking the car to get an inspection is important. Obviously changing tires can take quite a bit of time and it can be quite costly too, so you’d want to make sure that it was absolutely necessary before you committed to it.

Let’s consider this situation if you were to work with a local mechanic, and then let’s contrast it to the experience you would have with Satnam Mechanic.

If you were to request an appointment for a vehicle inspection with a local mechanic, you would schedule the appointment, drive over there, pay for the inspection, and get the results back stating that you have to change your tires. After you changed your tires, you’d have to go back to pay for another inspection for your car!


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