Satnam Vehicle Inspection Service

In November 1999, the safety certificate replaced the roadworthy certificate. A safety certificate covers basic things that could affect the safe operation of the vehicle, such as: tires, brakes, steering, suspension, body rust or damage, windscreen and lights. The safety certificate is designed to offer buyers better protection. A vehicle with a safety certificate has undergone a safety inspection before being offered for sale, so buyers can be sure the vehicle is safe to drive.


In Queensland you must obtain and display a safety certificate on any registered light vehicle from the moment you offer the vehicle for sale. Vehicles include cars, motorbikes, caravans, trailers 0.75–3.5 tonnes (t) aggregate trailer mass (ATM) and any other vehicles up to 4.5 t gross vehicle mass (GVM). The only time vehicles do not require a certificate is when they are unregistered or when they are traded to, or between, licensed motor dealers. Vehicles can still be sold for parts or restoration, but they must be de-registered before being offered for sale. Safety certificates can only be issued by approved inspection stations.


Why Get Inspected?
A quality used car inspection makes financial sense. Without a pre-purchase inspection, you could be buying a vehicle that has previous, substandard repairs or a seriously damaged one.

Why Satnam Mechanical?
Satnam has a team of highly skilled vehicle inspectors who can provide detailed 150-point on-site, pre-purchase inspections on any vehicle.

Research has shown that many people love their Cars more than any other possession. A Survey conducted by Turtle Wax revealed that more than 10% of men love their Cars even more than they love their Wives. And so, we do realize the position of Clients, who are psychologically nervous, when faced with making a vehicle purchasing decision especially used one. This is absolutely normal and mostly happens with people who are unaware of mechanical devices hidden inside the Vehicle’s bonnet.

We strongly suggest you to have the Vehicle Inspected before you make your buying decision. Our Qualified Automobile Engineers and Authorized Surveying Officers (ASOs) can guide you and give your potential new car a thorough Visual and Mechanical Inspection and take out the uncertainty of your decision.

Our Qualified Engineers and Surveyors will thoroughly check and examine the general condition / features of the Vehicle and identify all major faults that may influence your purchasing decision. We also conduct Insurance Surveys and negotiate Insurance Claim Settlement on the occurrence of the accidents to Vehicles apart from Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspection Services and conducting inquiries into theft and snatching of the Vehicles.

We Offer Premier & Superior Auto Mechanic Services

From general auto repairs to mechanical repair services and engine repairs, our auto repair shop has all of your repair needs fully covered. Our experienced and skilled technicians can assist you with all of your auto repair and auto service needs.